Shop Our Range of Stunning Modular Office Furniture

Suitable for relaxing, eating and informal meeting areas, to suit a variety of office and commercial spaces. Pods and booths to create ideal environments for more privacy


Our modular office furniture is clean and simple, offering the flexibility to be pushed together to create interesting layouts.


Our sofas provide a comfortable environment with low arms, perfect for sitting back and relaxing in style.

Low Back Pods

Discover our low back pods, ideal for creating private spaces in bustling environments. These are particularly popular in schools and offices.

High Back Pods

Our pods provide great privacy in a busy place and are popular in schools and offices.

Low Back Booths Set

Our booths are excellent enclosed spaces for groups and teams, delivering privacy within open-plan environments. Explore our selection of modular breakout furniture to complete your space.

High Back Booths Set

Just like our low back booths, high back booths provide enclosed spaces for teams, ensuring privacy and concentration in open-plan settings.


Don’t worry – we offer no-commitment advice. We have an in-house team of experts with years of experience who can help achieve the best solution for you.