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Let your guests sink into inviting hospitality seating, designed to promote feelings of rest and relaxation.

The Art of Hospitality Seating

Craft a memorable first impression for your guests. Hospitality seating plays a crucial role in setting the tone for your space, from restaurants and hotels to bars and lobbies. As manufacturers of hospitality seating, Modulus Seating understand the importance of comfort, style, and durability, offering a wide range of modular seating to suit your needs. Whether you require hospitality lounge seating for relaxed conversation, or sleek hospitality banquette seating for a more sophisticated atmosphere, finding the right pieces is easy with Modulus Seating.

Let’s explore the exciting world of hospitality seating and discover how to elevate your guest experience.

Partner With a Leading Hospitality Seating Company

Modulus Seating are one of the most reputed hospitality seating companies within the UK. We understand the power of creating inviting spaces, offering a diverse range of hospitality seating solutions. Our modular hospitality seating is perfect for bars, clubs, restaurants, or even residential use.

With different back styles and fabrics to choose from, you can create innovative and stylish layouts that suit your needs. Additionally, our breakout area seating is suitable for relaxing, eating, and informal meeting areas in office and commercial spaces.

UK Manufacturing

In-house manufacturing by our skilled joinery, spray and upholstery departments.

Quality & Reliability

Contract furniture produced to the highest quality and offer outstanding delivery.

Advice & Service

With years of experience our team will talk to you about your requirements at every step.

Bespoke Hospitality Seating

Modulus offers bespoke solutions through our sister company, Atlas Contract Furniture. As one of the UK’s most experienced manufacturers of banquette seating, Atlas specialises in crafting tailored seating to meet your exact requirements. From precise dimensions and layouts to customised stitching styles, we ensure a perfect fit for your space. Our in-house UK production guarantees expert care, and we pride ourselves on quality, reliability, and timely delivery. Explore the possibilities with Atlas Contract Furniture for stunning bespoke seating across the UK and beyond. If you prefer modular options, press below to check out our Modular Hospitality Seating collection, designed for bars, clubs, restaurants, and residential use.

Time to Explore

Unleash your design vision with our extensive collection of modular and breakout seating! From clean lines and simple elegance to eye-catching details, we offer a variety of styles and finishes to perfectly complement your space. Feeling classic? We have timeless, understated pieces. Seeking a statement? Find it with our more decorative options.

Explore the possibilities below and discover a world of design inspiration featuring our breakout furniture solutions, all readily available in the UK.


Modulus empowers businesses across the hospitality and office industry to create exceptional guest experiences. Our innovative modular seating solutions cater to a variety of venues, from restaurants and bars to hotels and co-working spaces.


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Modular Hospitality Seating

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Our modular hospitality seating is perfect for bars, clubs, restaurants, or even residential use. With different back styles and fabrics to choose from, you can create innovative and stylish layouts that suit your needs.

Breakout Area Seating

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Suitable for relaxing, eating, and informal meeting areas, our modular office furniture is designed to complement a variety of office and commercial spaces. Explore our selection of office breakout seating, including pods and booths to create ideal environments for more privacy.

Hospitality Seating Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Hospitality Seating?

Hospitality seating refers to the furniture specifically designed for bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other venues within the hospitality industry. It includes chairs, sofas, benches, bar stools, and tables that cater to both aesthetics and functionality. These pieces are carefully crafted to withstand high traffic, meet safety regulations, and enhance the overall guest experience.

2. What is Hospitality Grade Furniture?
3. What Are the Key Considerations When Choosing Hospitality Seating?

Selecting the right seating involves several critical factors. First, comfort is paramount. Guests should feel at ease during their stay. Next, consider durability—seating in hospitality venues faces constant use, so it must withstand wear and tear. Aesthetics matter too; the seating should align with the venue’s theme and overall design. Additionally, think about space optimisation. Modular or rearrangeable seating allows flexibility for different events while ensuring guest comfort.

4. How Can I Maximise Seating Capacity Without Sacrificing Comfort?

Balancing capacity and comfort are essential. To maximise seating, explore versatile options. Stackable chairs are excellent—they can be stored compactly when not in use. Similarly, foldable tables provide flexibility for various setups. Consider modular benches; they adapt easily to different layouts. Remember that comfort remains crucial; guests should enjoy their experience without feeling cramped.

5. What Trends Are Emerging in Hospitality Seating Design?

The world of hospitality seating is dynamic, and several trends are gaining prominence. First, there’s a shift toward eco-friendly materials. Sustainable options like recycled plastics or organic fabrics appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. Bold colours are making a comeback—think vibrant blues, rich reds, and earthy tones. Mix-and-match styles are also popular; venues are combining different seating types for an eclectic look. Lastly, ergonomic designs are gaining traction—guest well-being matters, and comfortable seating contributes to a positive experience.