Modular Office Seating

Ditch the stale layout! Modular and breakout office seating unlock a vibrant, adaptable workspace for your team.


Transform your office into a dynamic hub of collaboration and comfort. Modular and breakout office seating redefine the workspace, offering endless possibilities for a truly inspiring environment.

Gone are the days of rigid layouts and uninspired furniture. With our modular office seating, you can create versatile spaces that adapt to your team’s needs. Foster brainstorming sessions in cosy nooks, host casual meetings in comfortable lounges, or define individual work zones – all within the same footprint.

Explore the art of modular and breakout office seating and discover how to unlock the full potential of your workspace.


Is your office layout stuck in the past? Ditch the limitations of traditional furniture and unlock endless possibilities with Modulus Seating, your one-stop shop for innovative modular seating solutions.

From brainstorming sessions to focused work, our versatile pieces seamlessly transform to suit any workspace need, fostering collaboration and relaxation in breakout areas with a touch of modern flair. Modular office furniture and breakout seating options ensure a comfortable and inspiring environment, boosting employee satisfaction and productivity.

Empower your team with Modulus Seating. We’ll craft a dynamic workspace that reflects your unique culture, breathing new life into your office.

UK Manufacturing

In-house manufacturing by our skilled joinery, spray and upholstery departments.

Quality & Reliability

Contract furniture produced to the highest quality and offer outstanding delivery.

Advice & Service

With years of experience our team will talk to you about your requirements at every step.


First impressions matter. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere for visitors and employees alike with stylish and functional modular reception seating from Modulus. Our versatile pieces offer endless configuration options, allowing you to tailor your reception area to perfectly match your space and brand identity.

Effortlessly adapt your layout to accommodate waiting areas, collaboration zones, or individual seating needs. Our modular reception seating also provides the flexibility to evolve alongside your business as your needs change. Boost comfort and productivity with ergonomically designed seating solutions, ensuring a positive first impression for every visitor.

Bespoke Office Seating with Atlas

Seeking extraordinary office seating? Our sister company, Atlas Contract Furniture, specialises in bespoke solutions. Atlas delivers the meticulous craftsmanship of Modulus, tailored for your office. Design your ideal workspace with stylish breakout furniture, and more. Uncompromising UK quality ensures a perfect fit and reflects your brand identity. Contact Atlas today and discover how bespoke seating elevates your office.


Modulus empowers businesses across the hospitality and office industry to create exceptional guest experiences. Our innovative modular seating solutions cater to a variety of venues, from restaurants and bars to hotels and co-working spaces.

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Modular Hospitality Seating

Shop for Modular Hospitality Seating

Our modular hospitality seating is perfect for bars, clubs, restaurants, or even residential use. With different back styles and fabrics to choose from, you can create innovative and stylish layouts that suit your needs.

Breakout Area Seating

Shop for Breakout Area Seating

Suitable for relaxing, eating, and informal meeting areas, our modular office furniture is designed to complement a variety of office and commercial spaces. Explore our selection of office breakout seating, including pods and booths to create ideal environments for more privacy.

Modular Office Seating FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about modular office seating from Modulus:

1. What are the benefits of modular office seating?

Modular seating offers several advantages:

  • Flexibility: Easily rearrange furniture to suit different needs, from brainstorming sessions to focused work.
  • Space optimisation: Configure seating to maximise space utilisation, especially in open-plan offices.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Invest in a versatile system that adapts to your evolving needs instead of buying new furniture every time.
  • Improved collaboration: Create inviting breakout areas that foster interaction and teamwork.
  • Modern aesthetic: Enhance your office environment with stylish and functional modular furniture.

2. How easy is it to assemble and disassemble modular seating?

Modular seating is designed for user-friendly assembly and disassembly. Many pieces require no tools and can be easily reconfigured by your team.

3. How do I choose the right modular seating for my office?

Consider factors like your workspace layout, desired functionality, and company culture. Modulus offers consultations to help you select the perfect modular seating solutions for your needs.

4. How durable is modular office seating?

Modulus uses high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability. Our modular furniture is built to withstand regular reconfiguration and everyday use.

5. Is modular office seating comfortable for long periods of use?

While comfort is subjective, Modulus prioritises ergonomics in our modular seating design. We offer a variety of pieces with features like supportive backrests, cushioned seating, and adjustable armrests to ensure comfort for focused work or extended meetings. You can also choose from different seat depths and firmness levels to find the perfect fit for your team.