Café Seating

Craft the perfect cup of comfort for your customers with stylish and versatile cafe seating from Modulus.

Crafting Comfort with Café Seating

While the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and tempting pastries might be what initially draws customers to your cafe, it’s the cafe seating that keeps them lingering. Uncomfortable chairs can quickly turn a delightful coffee break into a hurried escape.

At Modulus, we understand the importance of creating a welcoming atmosphere that fosters connection and relaxation. That’s why we offer a wide range of modular cafe seating solutions, including cafe bench seating, cafe booth seating, and even cafe sofa seating, designed to elevate your customer’s experience.

Modular Seating for Cafes

Ditch the rows! Embrace versatile cafe bench seating. Our modular benches offer comfort and save space, perfect for lining walls or creating cosy conversation nooks. Easily configure them for groups, fostering a community vibe.

For extra comfort and sophistication, consider cafe booth seating, ideal for longer stays and private chats.

Booth seating provides a sense of privacy and encourages longer stays, ideal for those seeking a place to unwind with a good book or catch up with friends.

UK Manufacturing

In-house manufacturing by our skilled joinery, spray and upholstery departments.

Quality & Reliability

Contract furniture produced to the highest quality and offer outstanding delivery.

Advice & Service

With years of experience our team will talk to you about your requirements at every step.

Finding the Perfect Fit

The true magic of modular cafe seating lies in its chameleon-like nature. Unlike traditional, fixed furniture, our cafe seating comes in a dazzling array of styles, materials, and configurations. This versatility allows you to weave the seating seamlessly into the fabric of your unique cafe’s aesthetic.

Do you dream of a sleek and modern ambiance that exudes sophistication? We have the perfect seating solution to match your vision. Perhaps you envision a warm and inviting space that evokes a sense of community? Our modular options can help you craft that feeling too.

No matter your vision, Modulus has the perfect seating solution to bring it to life.

Transforming Your Cafe, One Seat at a Time

At Modulus, we believe that comfort shouldn’t come at the expense of style. Our cafe seating is not only functional and durable, but also visually appealing, contributing to the overall ambiance of your cafe.

Our adaptable cafe bench seating and modular options let you design your vision. Modern and sleek? Warm and inviting? We have the perfect fit.

Ready? Browse our collection and discover how modular seating elevates your cafe experience. Create unforgettable moments, one delicious drink at a time.


Modulus empowers businesses across the hospitality and office industry to create exceptional guest experiences. Our innovative modular seating solutions cater to a variety of venues, from restaurants and bars to hotels and co-working spaces.

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Modular Hospitality Seating

Shop for Modular Hospitality Seating

Our modular hospitality seating is perfect for bars, clubs, restaurants, or even residential use. With different back styles and fabrics to choose from, you can create innovative and stylish layouts that suit your needs.

Breakout Area Seating

Shop for Breakout Area Seating

Suitable for relaxing, eating, and informal meeting areas, our modular office furniture is designed to complement a variety of office and commercial spaces. Explore our selection of office breakout seating, including pods and booths to create ideal environments for more privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Café Seating

1. What are the benefits of modular cafe seating?

  • Flexibility: Easily configure seating layouts to accommodate different group sizes and traffic patterns.
  • Space-saving: Optimise your floor plan with modular benches that can be tucked against walls or rearranged for open space.
  • Comfort: Our modular seating offers a variety of styles with comfort in mind, encouraging customers to linger.
  • Versatility: Choose from a wide range of styles, materials, and configurations to match your unique cafe’s aesthetic.

2. What types of modular cafe seating do you offer?

We offer a variety of modular cafe seating options, including:

  • Cafe bench seating: Perfect for lining walls, creating conversation nooks, or flexible seating arrangements.
  • Cafe booth seating: Provides a sense of privacy and comfort, ideal for longer stays and socialising.
  • Cafe sofa seating: Adds a touch of luxury and encourages customers to relax and unwind.

3. How can I customise my cafe seating with Modulus?

Sometimes projects may require a more bespoke solution. With this, the seating can be tailored to your exact requirements – from the exact shape, dimensions, and layout of the seating, through to customisation of the finer details such as stitching styles. Atlas Contract Furniture provide an unmatched level of service to a global client portfolio.

4. Is modular cafe seating easy to maintain?

Absolutely! Our modular seating is crafted with a focus on durability and easy maintenance. Most of our options come with wipeable upholstery, utilising either vinyl or incorporating ‘EasyClean’ technology, ensuring effortless cleaning.

Moreover, our entire range of upholstery cover options is specifically designed for severe contract use, surpassing commercial requirements with robust ‘rub-test’ values. Discover more about our products here: Our Product Range

5. Can Modulus help me design my cafe seating layout?

Of course! Our team can provide expert advice and recommendations to help you create the perfect cafe seating layout for your space and needs.