Kitchen Diner Seating

Relax, converse and unwind with the kitchen diner seating of your dreams from Modulus.

Exquisite Modular Dining Room Seating

Whether you like to host with grandeur or unwind in solitude, transform the heart of your house into your favourite space! The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home, so it is important to make the most of your space to enhance your comfort and add personal flare. Modular diner seating affords you style and longevity as your home needs change, so there is no stress if you have an expanding family or simply want to downsize. With plenty of customisation options explore what best fits your ideal kitchen with Modulus.

Make your social space sumptuous with modular seating for kitchen diners.

Why Modular Units and Seating Booths Work so well in homes

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, but finding seating to suit your lifestyle does not have to be tricky. Our seats cater to your needs, from messy breakfasts with kids to fine dining with friends. Modular seating is made up of individual units that can be reordered as creatively or practically as you wish. So, when you suddenly want to install a kitchen island, need extra space or even move location – no problem!

Modulus Seating is flexible, it allows you to maximise the usage of your dining area and help you adapt to trends. Modulus offers a range of configurations, so be playful to find what looks best. Why not create your own dining room booth seating for a homey, private feel?

UK Manufacturing

In-house manufacturing by our skilled joinery, spray and upholstery departments.

Quality & Reliability

Contract furniture produced to the highest quality and offer outstanding delivery.

Advice & Service

With years of experience our team will talk to you about your requirements at every step.

Easy Home Improvements with Reliable Modular Dining Room Furniture

Our in-house UK production assures professional service through our sister company, Atlas Contract Furniture, who deliver bespoke products with our values of quality, reliability, and timely delivery. Alternatively have a look at our wide assortment of upholstery and leg seating options. Here at Modulus, we make it easy for your furniture to match traditional or contemporary styles, so you can quickly update your cottage in the country or add a modern twist to a suburban home. No matter the layout, from cosy kitchen corner booths to exuberant quarter circles, our seating is tailored to your needs.

Sophisticated Seating for Kitchen Diners

There is something for everyone with our bespoke customisation. Seating positioning can change the atmosphere and focus point of a room, so take care to consider placement and furniture finishes. Consider seating usage – maybe you want a central dining room feature, or to make better use of a nook in the kitchen for casual conversations while cooking. If you are looking for subtle decoration – consider our float button back seating, or for those who aim for a more eye-catching design, look at our fluted back option. With plenty of selection, don’t be limited by unmovable, single shape configurations.


Modulus enables individuals to have a seamless relaxation experience in their homes for you and your guests. Our furniture is designed to your requirements giving you every reason to be house-proud. Our innovative modular seating solutions cater to a variety of layouts and designs.

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Modular Hospitality Seating

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Our modular hospitality seating is perfect for bars, clubs, restaurants, or even residential use. With different back styles and fabrics to choose from, you can create innovative and stylish layouts that suit your needs.

Breakout Area Seating

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Suitable for relaxing, eating, and informal meeting areas, our modular office furniture is designed to complement a variety of office and commercial spaces. Explore our selection of office breakout seating, including pods and booths to create ideal environments for more privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kitchen Diner Seating

1. What are the benefits of modular seating for kitchens?

Modular seating for kitchens is not just for positive first impressions. Perfect for easy communication and serene areas to wind down in the evening, modular seating adds an inviting atmosphere to your kitchen. Easy to reconfigure and fit a variety of spaces, this investment is a cost-effective, bespoke solution that will provide for your lifestyle.

2. How easy is it to assemble and disassemble modular seating?

Our modular seating is designed to be user-friendly! Legs when supplied loose screw on in seconds, but all items generally come fully assembled. All seating can be very easily reconfigured.

3. How to design a seating area?

Modulus offers consultations to help you select the perfect modular seating solutions for your needs. Consider most used areas, the direction you want to face for the best view, walkway areas, the main use purposes or what you want to achieve with the seating, as well as the best seating formations for the kitchen structure.

4. Is modular furniture durable?

Definitely! Match your aesthetic vision with pragmatism. All our upholstery covers surpass commercial requirements with robust ‘rub-test’ values. When you want a new seating layout, just switch the units around!

5. Where can I learn more about modular seating for kitchens?

Our team of experts is happy to answer any questions you may have and help you find the perfect soft seating solutions for your residential dining area. Contact us today! Alternatively, interested in kitchen corner booth seating or need inspiration? Browse our gallery.